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2. Payment

3. Delivery

  • How do I know on which moment my order will be delivered?

  • The order has been delivered, but not all the products are included. What should I do?

  • More information about a delivery.

4. Returns

5. Exchange

  • I want to exchange one product for another one. Is this possible on a short-term?

6. Pick-up Points

  • Is it possible to pick up my order at a pick-up point?

7. E-mails

  • I'm not receiving any e-mails regarding my order. What's the reason for this?

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- 1. Products

Which size is the right one for me?

Because of our experience we understand that it is not easy to choose the right size when it comes to motorcycle clothing. To help you, we placed size charts on the product pages.

In a size chart you will find information about how to measure specific parts of the body. These measurements make it easy to choose a size. It is also possible to order two sizes and return one eventually. (Keep in mind that you''ll have to pay for returning a product.)

It is at all times possible to exchange a product for another size or color. We are always willing to help our customers out and provide them with the best solution.

Warranty and repair

For more information about warranties and repairs, Click here.

- 2. Payment

There seems to be a problem with my payment, what should I do?

A payment on our website is always secure en safe. You are able to choose between different payment methods. If a payments fails for no reason, it's often an error. These errors are caused by problems at a bank or payment provider. We recommend to try the same method later. If the same problem occurs again please contact us. If a payment is not completed, the order will be canceled automatically.

If you're not sure if a payment is completed you can contact us. (+31529-488835)

Payments methods

Click here for more information about the different payment options.

Payment methods

- 3. Delivery

How do I know on which moment my order will be delivered?

- By each product an indication of the delivery time is shown. If a product is shipped internationally, this delivery time can deviate one or two days. After purchasing a product, a confirmation e-mail is sent with the expected delivery time. If an order contains more than one product, the longest delivery time is relevant for the entire order. If this is a problem, please send us an e-mail : webteam@tenkateshop.com.

- When an order is processed and sent, you will receive an e-mail which informs you about the amount of products that is shipped. It is possible that an order will be send in multiple packages!

- An order can be tracked and traced by the systems of the party that ships the packages. As soon as the package is add to the shipping system, a track and trace e-mail is sent to the customer. This e-mail will tell you when the order is supposed to be delivered. For every single package you'll receive an individual track and trace e-mail.

The confirmation e-mail doesn't show all products?

It is possible that an order is shipped from different warehouses. The first e-mail only relates to a part of the order. In a following second (or third) e-mail the order products are confirmed.

The package I received doesn't contain all the ordered products?

At Tenkateshop.com we handle our orders with care. All packages are checked on completeness. But it is possible that a human mistake is made in the process. If your order isn't complete, please send us an e-mail: webteam@tenkateshop.com.


- 4. Returning a product

I want to return one or more products. What should I do?

It is possible to return a product within 14 days. The only condition is that the product isn't used! Off course it is allowed to try on the product. If the 14 day returning period isn't enough, you can contact us and we will try to find a solution.Click here to find more information about returning a product >  

- 5. Exchange

I want to exchange one product for another one. Is this possible on a short-term?

To exchange an order, the product has to be unused and in it's original packing.

Exchanging a product is mostly done to order another color or another size. Exchanging a product is a logistic process and therefore it takes a while before the product is processed and a new product is shipped. If you want to receive a product on a short-term, than we recommend to place a new order. As soon as the returned order is processed the purchase price is refunded.

- 6. Pick-up points

Is it possible to pick up my order at a pick-up point?

Our only Ten Kate pick-up point is located in Nieuwleusen, The Netherlands. We understand that this single pick-up point is irrelevant for international orders. But if you have the possibility to visit our store, don't hesitate and experience Ten Kate Motorcycles.

- 7. E-mails

I haven't received an e-mail after ordering products at Tenkateshop.com?

Problems with e-mail blocks and spam-filters can occur. Some internet providers block automatically sent e-mails. This could be one of the reasons that our e-mails are blocked before they can enter your mailbox.

Another possibility for blocked e-mails is a strong spamfilter. This is changeable in the 'Settings' of your computer, tablet or smartphone. If these answers don't provide a solution, we recommend you to e-mail or call us.


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