It is possible that a product doesn't fit or doesn't meet your expectations. Therefore it is possible to return a product. Our returning policy offers a 14 day returning period, based on Dutch legislation. This period can be used to make a decision whether to keep or return a product.

When you are going to return a product, the return shipping is at your own risk. Because of this responsibility we strongly recommend to check out the policy for loss and damage that is relevant for the chosen shipper.

A condition to return a product is a filled in return form. If we receive the product in appropriate condition with a filled in return form, the purchasing price will be refunded.

It is always possible to contact us about returning products. If you have a question about a product or a return shipping, feel free to contact us: 0031529-488835 or send an e-mail to

Note: Damaged or used products or missing information regarding the return form can delay the refunding process.

Missing the return form? You can download it here (PDF - Dutch)